Taking a page from Denise Sessous blog,, here is my first Bullet Journal:

  • Events: #THE POISON CUP book Signing last Saturday at Barnes and Noble Chesterfield Town Center was a good success, thanks to family and friends who supported me. Shion Fenty, my marketing mentor, took great photographs.
  • Saturday, (6/24) attended for first time a meeting of #Sisters in Crime, an association of women who write mysteries. The program for this meeting was a special law enforcement panel featuring Mike East, CSX Railroad and Alberto Medena, Virginia Game and Inland Fisheries. My indispensible and gregarious critique partner, Catherine Brennan, saved me a seat on the first row. I also met a friend from writing classes way back when at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art, Vivian Lawry.
  • Reading: As research for my work in progress, ENVY GAMES, I am reading SHATTERED, by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, explaining why Hillary Clinton had everything going for her (according to the authors) but lost the election.
  • Writing: My new critique partner, Catherine Brennan, must have motivated me. This week I wrote three new chapters for ENVY GAMES.
  • Motivating Thought: Standing still and contemplating the immensity of the mountain will never take you to the top. Taking one step at a time will.
  • Joseph Prince: Through the tree in the #Garden of Eden came the curse; On the tree at Calvary the curse was reversed!

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