If you’re confused or stressed following the goings on in Congress over health care, relax and read my blog! 

·         Upcoming Event: The Brushy Mountain Apple Festival, October 7 in Wilkes County, North Carolina where much of THE POISON CUP takes place. The sponsors boast over 100,000 visitors attend this annual event, the largest one-day festival of its kind in the country. We have secured a space. More about this later 

·         Recent Event: Teen Challenge North Central Virginia. The leaders, Mike and Cindy Zello, spoke to our congregation at Clover Hill Assembly of God in Midlothian, Virginia. We heard a testimony from Lauren, one of the girls who has been through the program in the Beauty for Ashes Women and Children’s Home in Fredricksburg. She is now interning with the Zellos to join their staff. The Beauty for Ashes residence is unique in that there are not a lot of options for women on drugs who have children. There is also a men’s residence in Fredricksburg that offers a twelve-month program. 

·         I am always moved by the testimonies of these young people who have come out of the darkest hell into God’s marvelous light! Now this ministry is seeking prayer and support to acquire land and buildings for a men’s residence in Richmond. For anyone interested in becoming a part, you can visit this site at www.teenchallengeva.org.

·         Writing ENVY GAMES; Back to tweaking Part I. In Chapter One, The Rally, Jason Grimes, a thirty-something guy with an attitude, rushes after the kook who rudely bumped his wife getting out of the hotel elevator, and ends up in the middle of a hostage situation. 

·         Reading: Finished Grisham’s THE WHISTLER. It was a struggle to stick with it to the end. The plot begins skillfully enough with Lacy Stolz and Hugo Hatch driving to meet their next client. They investigate judicial corruption, not usually a dangerous job, but this one is mysterious. The client won’t identify himself or the whistler who hopes to expose a crooked judge. The rest of their investigation is pretty predictable. The problem for me is that characters seem flat, not up to par with Jake Brigance, A TIME TO KILL or Mitch McDeere, THE FIRM. Lacy, the protag, never expresses a thought more interesting than the next step in her investigation or whether or not she wants to sleep with her latest male acquaintance. 

·         If you’ve read THE WHISTLER, can you offer a different perspective? 

·         Joseph Prince Quote: Just a groan will reach God’s throne.

picture credit: https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=CA8zEfdc&id=EC3724428463D28ADBD54471D00398FB8F7DF5C9&thid=OIP.CA8zEfdcVf-rA3CSsAxWnQEsDI&q=the+writer+images&simid=607994511212809466&selectedIndex=82&ajaxhist=0





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