·         Walking the Pipeline Along the James (Pictures and details on my Facebook page Martha G. Davis) Researching for kayaking scene in ENVY GAMES, read online one can see up close the kayakers on Class III-IV Pipeline Rapids in the James River. The online blog did not say walking the pipeline came with warnings. It was a bit scary—at first.

·         Shoot/Don’t Shoot Simulation at Richmond Police Academy with Sister in Crime group. Captain Harvey Powers presentation was both entertaining and informative. Picture below of Captain Powers demonstrating for me a hold used to subdue an individual in order to cuff him.

police academy


·         Struggled this week with revising hostage chapter in ENVY GAMES to the point of making my brains feel like scrambled eggs. I must learn to get down the entire first draft and then go back and revise. I’m working on that!


THE GOOD ASSASSIN by Paul Vidich. I chose this novel because I was enticed by the period in Cuba in the final months of 1958 during the last phases of the war between the Batista regime and Castro’s rebel forces, a war going on, yet, a time when Americans could still enjoy the decadence and beauty of the country.

·         Not an action-packed, suspenseful plot like THE POISON CUP. For a spy story; more a study of character: how the men who kill for a living wrestle with their conscience and with the bureaucratic hypocrisy of their bosses.

·       found Vidich’s description interesting. You can see what you think. Following are some excerpts: 

·         “Mueller saw it was a colonial hacienda. A portico of arches and stone pillars wrapped the ground floor and at intervals there were clay pots to collect rainwater…lush plants hung from black iron rods that swung to catch the sun. A frieze of painted tiles scored the second floor’s stucco walls…This sprawling home had once been a magnificent manor house, but it had fallen on hard times…Pink stucco walls were veined by water damage and wood window frames were bleached and cracked.”

·         “Pryce affected preoccupation with his cigarette, holding it before him, studying it, then put it between clenched teeth.”

·         “Pryce stood. He hitched his belt over his lumpish gut and thrust his shoulders back like a displaying turkey.”


·         “Mueller looked for the metaphor in things. The right image, he told his students, was an aid to unreliable memory.” (THE GOOD ASSASSIN)


·         Neurosurgeons have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the speech center of the brain controls the whole body. (James wrote that over 2,000 years ago in the New Testament.)

Snoopy pic credit: https://www.thelocalgolfer.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/sharpen-snoopy-writing.jpg


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